Teeth Cleaning Kelowna

Teeth Cleaning Kelowna

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

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Why are prices for Kelowna teeth cleanings between patients or between cleanings on the same patient different sometimes?

A proper cleaning or recare appointment involves a number of procedures including some or all of the following: exam, polish, fluoride, scaling, root planning, and x-rays. Occasionally there may be cost differences if an additional x-ray is required to investigate a problematic tooth. A longer interval between cleaning appointments, inadequate oral hygiene or a predisposition to calculus build-up means greater effort and time is required to clean your teeth. Not everyone has the same gum and bone health. Some patients are predisposed to gum disease and some are not. Therefore, some patients may require more or less scaling and root planning than others. All these factors affect the cost of recare appointments. The benefit we provide to our patients is a customize recare appointment designed for your specific needs. Remember that the bone around our teeth is like the concrete for the foundation of a house and provides the structural support necessary for your teeth to be held in a strong position when chewing. Once bone is lost around your teeth it is very difficult to get back without costly gum procedures and in most cases with current science impossible. This bone needs to last for your entire life. At the Advance Dental Group we are able to classify your gum and bone health and provide you with an appropriate recare appointment and frequency that is evidence based and designed specifically to your needs. In the long run by maintaining a healthy mouth patients save money, time and painful tooth aches. Call Advance Dental for your teeth cleaning in Kelowna.

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Teeth Cleaning Kelowna

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