Kelowna Family Dentist

Kelowna Family Dentist

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

Kelowna Family Dentist - Dr. Macdonnell Advance Dental Group Kelowna (250)762-3855

Is my dentist qualified and licensed to practice dentistry in Kelowna?

Recently there has been coverage in the media concerning the fraudulent practice of dentistry in Burnaby British Columbia. Patients had been treated for years by a person with no licence to practice dentistry in B.C. His clinic was found to have inadequate infection control and sterilization equipment placing people treated by him at risk for infection. In order to practice dentistry in Canada dentists go through an arduous training program, write licensing exams and are required to meet stringent clinical standard’s all reviewed and graded by a multitude of instructors and examiners. Our training is some of the best in the world. Patients should check to ensure that their dentist is licensed to practice dentistry in Canada and the province. In addition, all dentists are required to pass the National Dental Examine which sets the minimal standard required to practice dentistry in Canada. Licensing in British Columbia can be confirmed at Call Advance Dental Group for your next Kelowna family dentist.

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Kelowna Family Dentist

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