Cosmetic Dentist Kelowna What is smile design?

Cosmetic Dentist Kelowna What is smile design?

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

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Kelowna cosmetic dentist answers the question what Is smile design?

Smile design is a term that has become popular in recent years. It is used to simply describe the process your dentist goes through to design restorations that make your teeth look good in your face. However, the phrase smile design does not do justice to the skill and expertise required to properly take all design variables into consideration. When you smile people see a collection of characteristics including the teeth, how much gum you display and how long your teeth are in your face that come together to give you a smile that is bright, vibrant and natural looking. Very subtle changes to incisal length position, translucency, wear and evenness of the gum can have a dramatic effect on the success or failure of the smile design. In addition, the type of materials used for the restorations is very important. There are different types of porcelain and white filling material and techniques to achieve the look you desire. Smile design must also take into consideration the balance of your bite, how your teeth fit together and the pathway your teeth take when chewing. These variables are a necessary part of creating a smile that will last. At the Advance Dental Group we take all these variables and more into consideration when designing your smile. While excellence in aesthetic outcome is our desired result it is the foundational support that makes your smile last for life.

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