Kelowna family Dentist – Why Do Treatment Plans Vary So Much From Dentist to Dentist?

Kelowna family Dentist – Why Do Treatment Plans Vary So Much From Dentist to Dentist?

Aug. 11, 2015 | By: Advance Dental Group

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Why do treatment Plans between dentists vary so much?

Every 3-5 years an article or program will come out showing how dentists across Canada or within the province differ in their approach to dental care and treatment plans. In most cases these reports legitimately show the disparity between treatment modalities offered by dentists to their patients. Headlines like “entrepreneurial dentist” do little to enhance our professional reputation. Technological changes in equipment, dental material and implant systems has exponentially increased over the last 20 years creating an enormous number of options for patients and dentists to sift through. Demand from patients for painless, faster, better and less expensive treatment has placed pressure on the profession to find solutions for problems that will be accepted by the patient. From crowns that can be completed in one appointment to digital x-rays the range of options can be overwhelming for most dental patients. In more complex cases having the time to cover all treatment possibilities at a new patient appointment and review the pros and cons of treatment is difficult. Additional information such as models of the patient’s teeth and other information are often required to thoroughly evaluate the patient’s needs. So dentists try their best to communicate what they feel are the best options for their patient. In some cases the explanation and justification is not thoroughly discussed and the patient leaves with unanswered questions. One of the greatest challenges dentist face is patient communication. At the Advance Dental group consultations can be arranged to answer basic questions to more complex treatment plans. Here time can be spent communicating with patients by reviewing and explaining options available and the justification for treatment. Remember that when a dentist recommends treatment there should be a well thought out reason. The treatment should lower the patients future oral health risk and be backed by scientific evidence whenever possible.

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