Opticalm Visual Stress Awareness Video

Feb. 6, 2013 | By: VisualStressCanada

This video outlines the condition of Visual Stress (a.k.a. Meares-Irlen Syndrome), shows sample distortions, demonstrates the signs, lists the related conditions and outlines the treatment options. Our objective is to increase awareness of the condition and encourage Educators, Optometrists and other health professionals to include screening for the condition in their practice and to provide the solutions to their clients and patients.

Visual Stress is a neurological condition, triggered by lights, patterns, contrast and colour and is characterized by symptoms of visual discomfort and visual-perceptual distortions. The treatment for visual stress is colour - precision tinted lenses, tinted acetate overlays, virtual screen overlays, or colored paper. These filter the triggers effectively calming the hyper-activation of the visual cortex that eventually leads to the symptoms.

The name Visual Stress is the term we use for the condition, however it is also referred to as pattern glare, pattern related visual stress, Irlen, or Meares-Irlen syndrome. The identification and treatment of this condition is now widely recognized and treated in the UK through the primary and secondary education systems and over 500 community optometrists. This work, combined with that of the Irlen Institute, has helped over 1 million people to date.

Thanks to Pollington Productions for creating this professional and informative video.

Video Provided By Lisa's Holistic Rehab - Occupational Therapy & Neurofeedback Inc.