Chakra 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra

Sep. 5, 2012 | By: Jane Durst-Pulkys - Creative Health

Hi Jane Durst-Pulkys here from and this is video 3 in the 'Balancing the 7 Chakra Energy Centres Video Series.'

In this 3rd video I talk about the solar plexus chakra, otherwise known as Chakra 3. The solar plexus involves your stomach, liver, gallbladder and your pancreas. Your solar plexus chakra becomes effected if you have grown up with too much or too little responsibility, have had a fear of punishment or if your will was taken away. If this happens and this chakra is out of balance then these people can become a work-a-holic, controlling, competitive, aggressive, bad digestion, fear of loneliness. Some of the physical conditions related to this chakra are eating disorders such as anorexia or belemia, ulsers, diabetes, and digestive issues.

Watch this video to learn what you can do to restore balance to the solar plexus chakra including what foods to eat and activities you can do.

As a nutritionist and energy healer, I work with people helping them to overcome physical and emotional challenges. In my work I use a system called, Psychosomatic Energy Testing, which helps to detect imbalances in the chakra energy centres. I then use specific remedies to balance these chakras, which then assist in restoring the individual to a state of physical and emotional balance. My clients have experienced extraordinary changes due to this process, which is why I want to share this important information with you.

Stay tuned next week for video 4 on the heart chakra, otherwise known as chakra 4.

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