Balancing The 7 Chakra Energy Centers For Optimal Health

Balancing The 7 Chakra Energy Centers For Optimal Health

Jun 11, 2012 | By: Jane Durst-Pulkys - Creative Health

Toronto Nutritionist, Jane Durst Pulkys, of creative health, discusses the 7 Chakra Energy systems and how they can be disrupted by the events which occur throughout our lifetime.
Jane discusses why it is important to maintain both your physical and emotional health and ways that we can be affected if it is not. She also teaches viewers about PSE, Psychosomatic Energetics; a state of the art system, which tests the body for interference's in any of the 7 energy centres and identifies the best method to restore balance to this area.

"There is a secret to achieving optimal health. People think that if they simply take care of their physical body by eating right and exercising, all will be well. However, what most individuals fail to realize is the importance of supporting the emotional, body a subtler body then the physical. Unless both the physical and emotional aspects of our health are supported equally, optimal health can't be realized.

Every person you meet, everything you eat, everything you do has either a positive, negative, or neutral influence on the body. For example, have you ever gone for lunch with someone and left the meeting completely exhausted? What has happened here is that they have depleted your energy, and can affect you for the rest of the day or longer. We can compare this to our finances: Say you had $100 per day to use as you wish. You could give your money away, allow people to steal it, or save it for yourself. For optimal health we want to treat our energy the way we would treat the $100 and save it for ourselves to increase our personal vitality, continuously giving it away or allowing it to be stolen would not be living optimally.

There are 7 energy centres along your spine whose job it is to store information at a cellular level. The health of these centres ultimately effects how the cells in our body function. One of the centres or third chakra or is located in the stomach area. This energy centre affects the health of the stomach, liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Emotionally, this area represents our self-esteem and personal power, and is affected by experiences either positive or negative.

Dynamics from family environment impact the health of these centres. Growing up with too much or not enough responsibility, fear of punishment, lack of free will, can result in an imbalance in our centres referred to as excess or inadequate. Repercussions from an imbalance in the power column of our third energy centre can include: stomach or liver problems; type-A personality; aggressiveness; angry, arrogant, or competitive behaviours; poor digestion, low self-esteem, or a fear of loneliness.

To correct imbalances in the 7 centres, Jane Pulkys works with a system called Psychosomatic Energetic Testing. This state of the art system, tests for weaknesses in any of the 7 chakra centres and identifies remedies for specific symptoms which correlate to the specific chakra involved. The remedies balance and remove interferences at a cellular level. This system is simple, easy and effective. It restores the body to its natural balanced state and restores health to 100% vitality.

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