Chakra 5: The Throat Chakra

Sep. 25, 2012 | By: Jane Durst-Pulkys - Creative Health

Hi Jane Durst-Pulkys here from and this is video 5 in the 'Balancing the 7 Chakra Energy Centres Video Series.'

In this 5th video I talk about the throat chakra, otherwise known as Chakra 5. The throat chakra sits in the centre of your throat and is the centre of self expression and communication.

The throat chakra can be affected if you have ever experienced emotional abuse, have been criticized a lot, you were surrounded by drug or alchol abuse or you had to hold secrets in for a long time.

If any of these things happen and your throat chakra is out of balance then you may be prone to excessive talking, have a dominating or weak voice, be shy or afraid to speak.

Some of the physical symptoms associated with the throat chakra are thyroid problems, soar thoat, frequent colds, fever blisters on your mouth or acne under your chin.

Watch this video to learn what you can do to restore balance to the throat chakra including an affirmation by Louis Hay.

As a nutritionist and psychosomatic energy therapist, I work with people helping them to overcome physical and emotional challenges. In my work I use a system called, Psychosomatic Energy Testing, which helps to detect imbalances in the chakra energy centres. I then use specific remedies to balance these chakras, which assist in restoring the individual to a state of physical and emotional balance. My clients have experienced extraordinary changes due to this process.

Stay tuned next week for video 6 where I discuss the brow chakra, the centre of intuition and spiritual sight.

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