How o Read Nutrition Facts

How o Read Nutrition Facts

Sep. 7, 2017 | By: Mohammed Asfar Fitness

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Understanding nutrition label is a start to having a healthy eating plan with nutritious food as a lifestyle that will help you avoid health risks and provide your body with energy, protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly.
Now that you are and expert in reading nutrition labels and know the importance of having nutrition as part of a balanced diet you will feel a new you with more energy, focused and overall healthier. You may find your shopping cart is more colorful like rainbow colors.

When reading nutrition labels with serving size it’s based on an average portion size. Similar food products have similar serving sizes to make comparing products easier. The serving size on the nutrition information does not always correlate with a “healthy” serving size.

The numbers on the food labels help you make decisions about the amount of intake. The list of nutrients includes total fat, trans fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrate, dietary fiber, sugars, and protein. These nutrients are important to our health. Their amounts are given in grams (g) or milligrams (mg) per serving to the right of the nutrient.

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