Computer Assisted Chiropractic Adjustment System

Computer Assisted Chiropractic Adjustment System

Feb. 19, 2018 | By: ottawachiros

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So with the wand of this computer adjustment system (the Spine-Align), we're taking a reading of the vertebra for measuring the stiffness and tension of the joint. Based on the graph it helps us to know where to do the best adjustment. The adjustment is done through gentle mechanical pulsations. These small pulsations will stimulate nerves that control the muscles and in turn help the movement of the vertebrae.

So once we've cleared one part of the spine, we move down to the next part of the spine, we usually start with the neck or cervical spine and you can see how very gentle it was.

Now we're going to take readings on the thoracic with the Spine-Align. There's twelve (12) thoracic vertebrae and this young lady is doing quite well, there's only one small deviation around thoracic vertebrae 7, so we’ll make a slight correction there as well.

Then we'll move down to the lumbar spine. As you can see with this chiropractic system, there's no torquing or twisting, no sudden thrust - very very gentle and relaxing. It's the most advanced computer assisted chiropractic adjustment system that I know of and the vast majority of our patients prefer this over manual techniques. Not only for the results but because it's also very very comfortable. It takes away the fear that may be involved with our more traditional techniques.

Traditional techniques work well for very many people but the Computer Assisted Chiropractic Adjustment system – the Spine-Align is an added tool to help with more difficult cases or people who prefer more a gentle approach. Thank you.

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