Theralase Cold Laser System in Chiropractic

Theralase Cold Laser System in Chiropractic

Feb. 14, 2018 | By: ottawachiros

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Hello! I'm going to explain how our Theralase cold laser system in chiropractic works. Cold laser is great for accelerating the rate of healing of many types of conditions including shoulder problems, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, various types of knee problems. The treatment is very effective, in fact we've been having 90% results. Treatment times usually take anywhere between five and fifteen minutes and if the condition is something that you've developed just in recent days or weeks it may only take a few sessions to speed the rate of healing.

If you've had the problem for a long time, then expect it to take several weeks of coming in for the cold laser treatment. So our assistant, our laser tech, now will demonstrate how simple it is to use the cold laser. What she is going to do is work on my shoulder. A shoulder takes typically about 10 to 15 minutes to treat. Usually you hold the laser in place for up to three minutes one area, starting with the area that's the most painful, then we'll move around the shoulder to the other tendons.

Another example of what this could be used for would be tendonitis at the elbow, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow... We've had great results as well treating carpal tunnel syndrome. A lot of people suffered from tendinitis of the knee, knee arthritis and the laser can be also used to help with knee pain. We're actually going fairly fast here, this is not the typical protocol of timeframe we would use.

Now interesting you should know is that each person is different therefore the settings on the computer that controls the laser will vary according to your age, your muscle mass and various other factors. It's a very safe technique. The only conditions we have to be aware of is certain medications may cause an interaction with the lights, so we would review whatever medications you're taking and unfortunately for those of you with lots of lovely tattoos, we can't do the cold laser over the tattoo. Other than that, there's no side effects at all.

We are having excellent results with a lot of conditions that people formerly might have had to go for physiotherapy for and the laser is a fraction of the cost, very time effective, we will give
you whatever exercises you may need to enhance the effect of the laser.

For individuals who have a lot of arthritis in their neck or spine or perhaps narrowing of the canals causing pressure on the nerves, the cold laser can also be used to reduce inflammation. So in a nutshell what it does is it speeds up the rate of healing, increases blood flow, stimulates collagen and helps your body to repair itself at a much faster rate than any other modality that's known to us at this time.

So if you have any of these musculoskeletal conditions and would like to try our laser, feel welcome to call us at the Rockland Chiropractic Clinic or Beacon Hill Chiropractic Clinic to learn more about the Theralase Cold Laser System.

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