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Sleep How It Matters 613 747 0444 Orleans Ontario Chiropractor

Aug. 13, 2014 | By: ottawachiros

SLEEP How it Matters

Why is it we sometimes wake up more tired or sore than when we first lay down?

Recent scientific research says poor mattresses or poor sleeping positions can hurt your back. One review of sleep found that up to 50% of people with back pain also suffer from sleep disturbances. It is widely known that mattress choice has a role in back pain. Lack of sleep can cause stress in the body the next day. Mattress comfort will vary from person to person. The general rule is choose a medium-firm mattress.

Now about your sleep position?

- The best sleep position is to sleep on your back with a medium-firm mattress and thin or down pillow. The down side of this position is you may snore.

- Next best position is sleep on your side. Adequate spine support is good but a proper pillow is required to ease strain on your neck and pelvis. Your pillow should be firm enough to support the distance between your head and shoulder.

- A pillow between the knees will maintain proper pelvic alignment and ease strain on hip muscles.

- The worst position in on your stomach. If you can only rest in this position try not to use a pillow.

- If your mattress is old it may be time to buy a new medium to firm mattress.

REVIEW YOUR SLEEPING HABITS with your chiropractor at the Beacon Hill Chiropractic Clinic in Ottawa / Orleans, Ontario. A poor mattress or pillow or sleeping position may be preventing you from a healthy pain free spine!

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