Annette Marie Spine Specialist Video Testimonial

Annette Marie Spine Specialist Video Testimonial

Mar. 10, 2017 | By: Spine Specialist Global

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Annette Marie has been using the Spine Specialist for a couple of months now at Physiomed Vancouver.
She was experiencing great pain in her entire back, she is an opera singer and it was greatly affecting her ability to sing.
She searched and tried so many things like Chiropractic, acupuncture and so many things. She finally found Physiomed Vancouver online.
The Spine Specialist has done amazing things for her and can't swear by it enough. It's like her pain in now relatively gone and it has improved her quality of life. Everytime she comes in her spine gets better and better. She recommends it to anyone with pain and spinal problems.
She can now sing better and more freely and she can move without pain. The pain factor being about 80% less is the best thing for her. Her shoulder hurt severely and her lower back. She felt like she had sciatica going on as well.
With each treatment she gets more better and is very surprised how well it has actually worked for her because she had so many things that didn't work for her. Annette says the Spine Specialist does work!

Video Provided By Spine Specialist Global - Toronto