The Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea and Snoring | Molson Park Dental Office | Barrie Dentist

The Hidden Dangers of Sleep Apnea and Snoring | Molson Park Dental Office | Barrie Dentist

Sep. 29, 2017 | By: Molson Park Dental | Cosmetic Dentist Barrie

Sleep apnea can put unnecessary pressure in a relationship. Do you often lose sleep because your partner snores, snorts, gasps or stops breathing during the night? You may be unable to sleep in the same room as your partner due to snoring. Sleep apnea is a condition where someone stops breathing during sleep. Most people who snore don’t understand that it could be an indication of a serious problem.

When you sleep, your throat and tongue tissue relax enough and narrow your airway which is what makes you snore. Snoring is that sound that is produced when air passes through the partially blocked area causing the tissue to vibrate. Snoring can also occur if the jaw is too small to accommodate the tongue. In severe sleep apnea cases, you can literally stop breathing for 10 to 15 seconds or more. This may cause blood oxygen levels to fall and the heart begins to work harder. This feeling forces you to wake up, if you’re lucky. Some people die in their sleep because of this.

Sleep apnea causes disturbances in your sleeping cycle which puts you at risk of high blood pressure, obesity, depression, heart disease, gastric reflex and memory loss. The most common signs of sleep apnea include snoring, waking up tired, dry mouth, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and irritability. A medical evaluation can be done to diagnose sleep apnea. In most cases CPAP is often the first choice of therapy which involves wearing a mask while sleeping. Our dentist can also make a custom fitted oral appliance that is worn over the teeth at night to prevent the jaw from falling back during sleep. Visit Molson Park Dental Office to help identify and manage sleep apnea.

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