The Hypno2Hypno Podcast - Results Based Hypnosis

The Hypno2Hypno Podcast - Results Based Hypnosis

Apr. 18, 2020 | By: Johanna Dinsdale

The Hypno2Hypno Podcast is presented by Secret Success Hypnosis Clinic.


Hypnosis has become world renowned for its ability to help transform mindsets. Join Johanna Dinsdale as she interviews Hypnotists from around the world to find out more about their businesses and what their specialties are. If you want to demystify hypnosis, find out more about hypnotic businesses and which to choose from, this podcast is right for you!

Guest Speaker: Luke Chao -
Host: Johanna Dinsdale -

DISCLAIMER: Secret Success Hypnosis Clinic does not share all of the same values and techniques as the guest speakers. This project is to illuminate the wide range of practices of Hypnosis around the world, in all its various forms.

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