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Jan. 10, 2013 | By: MassageAthletica

Winnipeg Massage Therapy The Quadruped Chin Retraction exercise is an excellent exercise for improving strength, enduranace and posture.The exercise is best introduced after muscle stiffness has been successfully reduced. The the patient should have full range of motion and be free of symptoms before starting this exercise.The Quadruped Chin Retraction targets the longus colli and CT junction transversospinales (multidus, rotatores and semispinalis). These muscles are often weak from underuse.Massage Athletica is the leading Sports Massage Therapy Clinic in Winnipeg. Sports Massage Winnipeg Winnipeg Sports MassageMassage Therapy WinnipegCall 204-781-4073 or visit us at www.massageathletica.com2-1080 Waverley StreetWinnipeg MB R3T 5S3

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