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Apr. 16, 2014 | By: HB Videos MedSpa, one of Toronto's leading acne and facial rejuvenation clinics.With over 20 years of medical aesthetic experience, Clarity MedSpa & Laser Clinic has helped thousands of people take control of their skin. Under the leadership of Registered Nurse & Industry Expert Chantal Ward, Clarity MedSpa is a trusted destination for the treatment of Acne, Sensitive Skin, and Anti-aging.Whether you are a teen or an adult that suffers from acne, Clarity Medspa has DRUG FREE options that can produce results in as little as 24 hours. Perhaps you no longer break-out, but are bothered by acne scars from years past? For years clients have benefitted from the skill and the technologies available at Clarity Medspa to reduce and even eliminate Acne Scarring. Is your acne is accompanied by persistent redness? Clarity has a solution for that as well! Working with devices that also treat Rosacea and broken blood Vessels, skilled technicians can unmask the redness that is so often associated with acne.... and unfortunately, often robs individuals of their confidence!Staff...more importantly clients love their sensitive approach to helping people take control of their skin. State of the art technology, delivered in a safe and clinical environment assures you of the highest level of comfort and effectiveness in Acne treatments. Clear skin with lasting results is best achieved when clients are educated about sensible homecare. Clarity Medspa will guide you towards a simple routine that is specific to your skin type, easy to maintain and most importantly, cost effective. Clarity invites you to book a complimentary consultation, at which time you can share your experiences. At the same time you can ask questions about treating and managing your acne, your sensitive skin or discuss anti-aging options.What is Isolaz™Isolaz™ Is an FDA and Health Canada breakthrough treatment for mild to moderate acne. Isolaz™ uses a revolutionary combination of vacuum and broadband light (BBL) to drain pores and kill bacteria.Isolaz™ removes blockages in the pores, including blackheads, dirt, oil and dead cells. The light destroys bacteria and shrinks oil glands. Skin is purified from the inside out. Treatments are safe, painless and effective. There is no downtime and all skin types can be treated, even those with darker skin types.What will I look like after an Isolaz™ treatment?Most clients experience mild redness post treatment but this does not last long. Your skin will feel smoother and you will be able to resume normal activities. Pre and Post treatment sun protection will be discussed at time of consultation.Get to the root of Acne to clear your skin fast.The Obagi Clenziderm™ Acne Therapeutic system is different than other acne products. They are the only systems that use SoluZYL Technology to penetrate to the root of the follicle and clear acne where it starts -- deep below the surface of your skin.ACNE ROSACEA -- Facial Redness with Bumps and Pimples:Characterized by persistent facial redness, this category is accompanied by acne-like bumps and pimples. It is often seen after or at the same time as subtype 1 and commonly mistaken with acne. Papules are small, raised and discoloured bubbles of skin, or solid without visible fluid. Acne-Rosacea is distinguished from acne because it does not include blackheads as seen with acne, nor is it associated with the sebaceaous glands. . Furthermore, Acne-Rosacea presents itself as an adult affliction and restricted to nose, cheeks, chin and forehead.Toronto Acne ClinicAcne Clinic TorontoAcne Treatment Torontolaser scar removal torontorosacea treatment torontoacne scar treatment torontolaser acne treatment torontoacne treatment clinic torontoskin treatment torontorosacea clinic toronto

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