Acupuncture in Toronto for low back pain

Dec. 22, 2014 | By: Acupuncture Center Toronto Registered Acupuncture at Yonge and College St. in Toronto. Acupuncture blocks pain receptors and decreases inflammation. Specific points are used that reduce pain and increase circulation to the lumbar and hip region. Shiatsu therapy for low back pain involves sinking the thumbs and elbows into the low back to help loosen contracted muscles. At our clinic, we also incorporate other chinese medicine therapies including cupping, moxibustion (type of herbal heat therapy) as well as fresh ginger and lemon grass hot towel applications. Within a few sessions, patients usually feel TONS better. Feel free to contact us with any health related questions!

Video Provided By Acupuncture Center Toronto - Sarah Kreitzer, R. Ac