Candace Grammond Testimonial for 3 day Intensive Block Therapy Workout

Candace Grammond Testimonial for 3 day Intensive Block Therapy Workout

Apr. 26, 2014 | By: Fluid Isometrics

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My name is Candace Grammond. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a Fluid Isometrics Intensive 3-day Block Therapy Session with Deanna Hansen. Although I had worked with the block before, having gone through the intensive workshop, I don't think that use of the block prior to the workshop is necessary. I think the intensive workshop can be done by anyone who is looking to improve their health. The intensive workshop took place over a 3-day period, 2 hours per day for a total of 6 hours. Over the course of the three days it was amazing how much one could accomplish in working with the block and melting the fascia in the body. I learned many new poses to do with the block that I had not learned before and what was really excellent about it is that Deanna took the time to assess and have everyone in the room look at themselves over the course of the three days to see what progress they had made. For example, after working on the left arm she asked everyone to pay attention to how their left arm felt compared with how their right arm felt (that had not yet been worked on). Anyone who didn't have familiarity with the block or with the progress they could see from it was able to observe a tangible and noticeable difference in the way that their two arms felt. So anyone who is not sure about the effects of the therapy was able to see a very concrete result and that would just encourage them to go on and to do more with the block. The other piece that was amazing was the amount of calories you can burn working on that block. Doing six hours of block work over a three-day period also carries an amazing fitness element with it. And of course one can make it more intense or less intense as one's abilities may permit. I would definitely undergo the intensive workshop
again. I would definitely recommend it to others - and really to anyone. Not necessarily just someone who has an injury or a specific area of pain that they need to work on – they should certainly go - but others that just want to improve their health and life should take it as well.

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