Wendy Stevens shares her experience with Fluid Isometrics and Deanna Hansen

Wendy Stevens shares her experience with Fluid Isometrics and Deanna Hansen

Jul 6, 2015 | By: Fluid Isometrics

Wendy Stevens lost 7 inches in 7 days with Fluid Isometrics treatments. Listen as she shares her experience and thoughts on Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy and founder Deanna Hansen.

Hi I am Wendy Stevens I’ve got a background as a speaker and author and I’m really best known as a gorilla marketer but I wanted to share with you just from a more personal level today. I come from a medical family, my father was a doctor and I really have just been skeptical about all the different so called health gurus and solutions out there. As a woman, single mom having crossed the big 5 0 and having my own big health wakeup call I was seeking some real solutions I had hit my head up against the wall in trying every single cleanse, diet, natural solution to hormone challenges you name it, and I was miserable, overweight, seriously having some significant health challenges that landed me in the Cleveland clinic, and I had explored Hopkins, Mayo-Clinic everything out there. I spent more than $250,000 going to Switzerland, California you name it. Finding every possible lifeline I could to have a breakthrough. It was impacting my personal relationships, in fact there wasn’t another area of my life that was causing me more unhappiness. Now I practically had given up although I wouldn’t actually admit that before now. I bumped into Deanna Hansen quite by accident but I knew she was the real deal. She was an expert in what she was talking about with Fluid Isometrics and Block Therapy made sense to me and caught my attention. So I stayed skeptical but open minded, Deanna proved to me that she was real, that her solution was real and in fact I decided to check her out on the very personal level and engage with her at her highest level called Fluid Isometrics and I was able to spend some one on one time and have a breakthrough by accelerating the same results that are available with Block Therapy. Now I am not going to try to explain it Deanna is the expert there, but I am sitting in front of you having experienced the most amazing miracle in my life, no this is not a paid endorsement. I am sharing this from my heart because I finally found that the world is not flat, that everything that I thought that was working for me with my health was actually working against me. Deanna just left me home I am here in the Bahamas and we just spent 9 days together, in 7 days I lost 7 inches, the before and after pictures are absolutely unbelievable. I’m still kind of pinching myself. I’m now entering a phase in my life where we’ve unlocked the frozen fascia and I am literally releasing everything that I was unable to that was trapped and locked in my body before. So I’ve got to tell you I need you to check out Block Therapy if you’re experiencing anything that is holding you back in your size, in your weight, in your body image. If you know you’ve hit a wall, you’re not having the breakthrough that you’re looking for, then I am going to invite you to stay skeptical but check out Block Therapy, check out Deanna Hansen. I believe this woman is going to be on a TedTalk very soon. I believe she has actually been divinely ordained to bring this into the world, its real just like people thought the horse and buggy would never go away it disappeared, the car came. There have been major innovations and this is one and if you’re really looking for an actual breakthrough I’m going to invite you to follow Block Therapy, check out Deanna Hansen, you’re going to remember this video and you’re going to remember that this is the moment that you actually bumped into what can radically transform your health and your life cause it just happened for me.

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