Block therapy class Testimonial by Rick

Block therapy class Testimonial by Rick

Oct. 28, 2013 | By: Fluid Isometrics

Block Therapy improves your posture!

Hi, I'm Rick Bachalo. I've been doing Block Therapy for approximately three classes. It is an incredible workout. It is like no other but at the end of the class not only is it an incredibly workout but you feel incredibly relaxed. One of the things I noticed after the very first class was that coming to the class after a full day at work and my rear-view mirror in the car was set at the level it's always set at. When I finished the class and went back out and sat in the car, I had to actually raise the mirror. I was actually taller. And that's after functioning all day and actually the class caused me to have better posture, better height. There's many great benefits. I've really enjoyed it and I'll continue doing Block Therapy.

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