Block Therapy Class Testimonial

Block Therapy Class Testimonial

Nov. 12, 2013 | By: Fluid Isometrics

Improve your sleep and energy with Block Therapy!

My name is Patty. I accessed Deanna's treatment and advice as I had health concerns that I wanted to address. I attended her for consultation and treatment. I had a significant positive response right away and a significant negative response the following day. I took her advice and worked with the block daily on the areas of concern. Within two weeks of doing daily block work and a second follow-up treatment with Deanna, I had significant recuperative symptoms. Block work has improved my sleep, it's improved my level of energy, and I also had ongoing neurological symptoms that have improved after two weeks of block work and treatment with Deanna. I'm now attending a block class with her and I would absolutely recommend her treatment and advice to anyone.

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