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White Grapefruit: Why to Give it a Go

You may be used to seeing pink grapefruit on your table, but scoot it on over to make room for its tart sibling, white grapefruit!

This variety prides itself on being the original grapefruit, with the more well-known pink grapefruit thought to be a natural mutation. (To be fair, this story could easily change depending on which variety you ask!) Either way you cut it, both colors of grapefruit come from the same plant family and produce similar essential oils, chemically speaking.

In the gorgeous Mediterranean land of Greece, dōTERRA® White Grapefruit essential oil is cold pressed from the rinds of the fruits. They’re grown on farms which are lovingly tended by multigenerational farming families, and these farmers know a good fruit when they see one! Greece boasts some of the best citrus trees in the world, and a deep appreciation for the high quality fruits they bear is embedded in Greek culture and cuisine.

If you spend enough time exploring the uses of citrus oils, you’ll notice this: once you learn the basics, they tend to apply to the whole family. For example, just like a drop of Lemon can freshen up a room or a beverage, White Grapefruit can perform those same tricks in its own unique way. Like Lemon, Lime, and Wild Orange, White Grapefruit also makes a tart and fitting addition to lemonade, water, or tea. It can also help calm unpleasant feelings surrounding digestion while adding a light, sweet flavor to your drink. Grapefruit oil in particular has developed somewhat of a name for keeping rambunctious appetites and cravings at bay, so don’t be shy about sneaking a drop into your morning smoothie. You might notice White Grapefruit oil can help you stretch out your meals by promoting a feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Experience the citrusy, aromatic sweetness of White Grapefruit by diffusing it, and breathe in the refreshing, energizing atmosphere it creates! As you may already know, citrus oils are known for their cleansing properties, and the following application is about as straightforward as it gets. Freshen up the kitchen (or any other) sink simply by placing a drop or two of White Grapefruit into the drain. You can also create a spray using White Grapefruit as the main ingredient to lighten up the scent in your powder room. Just mix a few drops with water in a small spray bottle, then add in a complimentary floral oil or two to complete the bouquet.

While you have that tantalizing bottle of White Grapefruit sitting out on the counter, give it a go as a beauty booster in your skin and haircare regimens. Add a dewy drop to your shampoo and your exfoliator, and you’ll benefit from the oil’s cleansing properties in conjunction with that pleasant aroma gracing your hair and skin throughout the day. Note that citrus oils are best used in evening skincare routines to avoid daytime photosensitivity concerns; and be sure to wait to apply White Grapefruit topically until you’re certain you can avoid sunlight for the next several hours! Turns out that evening and nighttime are the perfect times to use White Grapefruit to help address blemished areas and purify the complexion.

Don’t wait around to try this Grecian treasure called White Grapefruit, because it may not be available for long. If a special promotion has made it available to you, then seize the day and make the purifying and positively cheerful properties of White Grapefruit yours to keep!