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With an estimated 3 million Canadians afflicted with Diabetes (both Type I and Type II), and with that number expected to grow rapidly due to an aging population, having a support community is a vital part of staying healthy. Like all health epidemics, there really can’t be enough reliable information out there. I recently came across a site called the Diabetes Care Community which is Canada’s first Diabetes focused social network.

Being diagnosed with Diabetes at any age is jarring to say the least. Whether you are the parent of a 10-year-old who’s just learned her daughter has Type I Diabetes and needs to be on insulin her entire life or you are an adult who’s been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes who is facing the need to make drastic lifestyle changes, the process is scary. Brochures describing the severity of the disease are overwhelming. Knowing that Diabetes can lead to complications such as blindness, poor circulation, loss of limbs, or organ failure a new diagnosis means that life will literally never be the same again. A person diagnosed with Diabetes must make drastic changes to lifestyle. This includes learning a new way to eat, be taught how to administer medication, how to be sensitive to fluctuations in blood glucose and how to stay on track.

Diabetes Care Community blends all the crucial up-to-the-minute information found on many similar health websites with a place people can go to meet others just like themselves. Not only will this site help people Healthy Living with Diabetes with all the concerns they have about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, it also offers a place to meet others who share these same concerns.

Friends and family may have empathy but may not understand what it’s like to have to abstain from or, at the very least, account for all the guilty pleasures in life. Cake, ice cream, rice, pasta, many fruits, bread, and many other foods many of us take for granted turn into sugar. For most of us, all this usually translates into is concern for weight gain. For a person suffering from Diabetes, it can mean the need for careful planning and “accounting” for carbohydrates, medication, activity and, in some cases, even mood. A person Healthy Living with Diabetes will find a community of people who have, “been there and done that” once they join the Diabetes Care Community. Caregivers can also find the support they need on this network.

Diabetes Care Community is truly a unique place on the web for anyone whose life is touched by diabetes. Find out why:


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