50 Fun things to do this summer as a family and couple

By: Jul 05, 2013
Summer Day Trip

Here is a list of ideas to keep you and your loved ones entertained all season long.

Warm weather, extended daylight hours and the smell of barbecue. Summer fun is endless for families and couples. Here is a list of ideas to keep you and your loved ones entertained all season long.

Summer Fun for Families

1. Venture out on an off-road bicycle trip.
2. Breakfast at the park – picnic style.
3. Roast marshmallows in the fire pit in your own backyard.
4. Think water sports – swimming, water skiing, boating and rafting.
5. Camp in the backyard with a tent.
6. Have a family barbecue and invite extended members of the tribe. Make it a theme.
7. Spend the day with the family at the zoo.
8. Get up early and head to the flea market for some unique finds.
9. Plan an outdoor scavenger hunt with friends and family.
10. Go to an outdoor play, concert or festival.
11. Make yard work fun with outdoor snack and drink stations. There’s nothing like cold lemonade on a hot summer day.
12. Take a trip to a water park and spend the day soaking up the sunshine.
13. Hike in the mountains and search for blueberries, blackberries and huckleberries.
14. After collecting fresh berries, from the vine or mercantile, come home and bake a pie together.
15. Look for a good old-fashioned county fair, complete with exhibits, animals and a whole lot of food.
16. Take in a local parade.
17. Head out to a sporting event and cheer on your favourite team.
18. Spend the day at the beach.
19. Float the river in tubes or rafts. Safety precautions taken, of course.
20. Take an evening stroll by the river.
21. Look for value movie nights and take the whole family.
22. Attend family events at the museum, gallery or library.
23. Play a round of miniature golf.
24. Blow bubbles in the backyard.
25. Go to a drive-in movie.

Summer Fun for Couple

1. Take a stroll on the beach holding hands.
2. Watch the sunset from the beach, dock or high point in the city.
3. Hike along a trail picking wildflowers.
4. Picnic in the park.
5. Play a round of tennis.
6. Take a last-minute impromptu day-trip or overnight road trip.
7. See the latest summer blockbuster.
8. Get caught in a summer rainstorm.
9. Eat hot dogs at a baseball game.
10. Swim in the lake together.
11. Sip wine in the backyard at night.
12. Eat at an outdoor bistro.
13. Fly kites at the beach.
14. Ride bikes together around the neighbourhood or park.
15. Go out for ice cream or your favourite dessert.
16. Attend an outdoor play or concert in the amphitheater.
17. Head to the local music festival.
18. Stroll the streets of the art walk and meet the local artists.
19. Hold hands at the flea market and try on funny hats or glasses.
20. Share a milkshake at your favourite diner.
21. Shop for fruit at the local farmer’s market.
22. Make dinner together and eat outdoors.
23. Have breakfast at the park on a blanket.
24. Take an evening boat ride or dinner cruise.
25. Enjoy every moment together – summer is short.