Surviving an overscheduled summer: Tips to get down time

By: Aug 02, 2013
Summer Relaxing

Here are some tips for much needed rest during the summer season.

The summer months are supposed to provide downtime, rest and relaxation. This is usually not the case. Experts say that it is actually during these summer months that most people get stressed out. Why does this happen?

Vacations, outdoor picnics, parties and activities all require planning. Working men and women are often cramming in extra hours in the office so that a vacation can be enjoyed with the kids. Unfortunately, in order to get away, a lot of work has to be done before hand.

Stress does a number on the body. It impacts the immune system and can increase the odds of getting a cold right before an important holiday. Many arrive at their summer destination sick, tired and stressed out.

To avoid this from happening, here are some tips for much needed down time during the summer season. The tips are simple but often overlooked.

Eat Better

Your mother always told you to eat your vegetables and now you are hearing the mantra again. If you want to stay healthy and enjoy time off, you need to carefully select your food choices. Eat lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean protein. Rather than consuming fatty fast food meals because you don’t have time to prepare dinners, take time out and help your body keep fit.

If you think you are just too busy to carve out an extra thirty minutes in the day, then plan ahead on the weekends. This means grocery shop Friday night, instead of going out with friends and prepare your meals for the week on Saturday rather than sleeping in. You will feel more balanced during the week and be less susceptible to catching a cold.

Exercise More

Want to feel refreshed and eliminate the business in your head? Exercise provides freedom from the everyday stressors that lead to a compromised immune system. If you make exercise a priority in your life, you will suddenly be able to perform better, be more focused and accomplish a greater number of tasks. Exercise also provides a better night’s sleep, making you more rested and relaxed during the wakeful hours.

Looking for more hours in the day? Exercise provides you with a higher rate of efficiency so that you can carve out more downtime with friends, family or yourself.

Learn to Say No

With a jam-packed summer schedule, you require downtime. Here is where the tough choice comes in. You have to be willing to prioritize your activities and learn to say NO. Rather than stretching yourself thin by attending two parties and a fundraiser in one evening, assess which activities are important and why they need you. Cross off the least important and do not attend.

Saying no upfront can help eliminate the business in your schedule and head. Instead of worrying about the event you obligated yourself to, you will have turned down the invite at the get-go – saving a lot of time from worry.