How to avoid unnecessary stress in your life

By: Feb 14, 2014
How to avoid unnecessary stress in your life

There are simple strategies that will help you stop worrying and live a happier and more peaceful life.

Stressed out? Over-tired? Snapping at anyone who greets you with, “How are you?” It’s time for a change. There are simple strategies that will help you stop worrying and live a happier and more peaceful life.

Let’s look at how you can avoid unnecessary stress in your life. The change starts with you.

Prioritize your to-do list

Rather than feeling you have so much to do and no time to do it in, take a close look at your to-do list and prioritize. Whether at work or home, you will never be completely free of responsibilities. There will always be never-ending chores, emails, or things to do.

The solution is to prioritize the to-do list and ask yourself, as the manager, what are your top three, most pressing priorities. Remember that it takes courage to admit that you aren’t able to do it all. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, acknowledge that tomorrow is another day. Move on.

Rely on others

Perfectionists and prideful personnel have a difficult time relying on others because they believe that if they don’t do it themselves, it won’t get done right. Wrong answer. Rely on others to help. You will be a much better woman if you reach out and ask for help. Unrealistic expectations and blocked goals can lead to angst and stress.

The solution is to surround yourself with capable people who are willing to help. Look around, your kids and spouse are more than capable, and because they love you, are willing to help. Ask for it – they’re waiting.

Unplug technology

In a world of constant technological interruptions, we tend to get distracted at the drop of a hat. Technology has amped up our ability to multitask and as a result, our attention is constantly being commanded. This pressure leads to stress. Constant emails from your boss, social media bombardment, and streams of work tasks can keep you stressed out.

The solution is to unplug once in a while. Relax during lunch or before bed, with limited or no technology. And, when you go on vacation – really go on vacation – without your phone, computer, or online work calendar.

Learn to say, ‘No’

Do you find yourself saying, “yes” too often and then anxious about too many calendar tasks and responsibilities? If so, it is time to say, “no.” Rather than agreeing to the overtime work project or the fundraising chair, step back and examine if you are needed. Sometimes, even if you are needed, you may need to still say, “no.” This is a challenging task for those who have great difficulty saying it.

The solution is challenging. Breaking a pattern of saying “yes” takes practice. If you are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, try saying “I can’t do it right now.” This shows that you are willing to take a stand for your own needs and shows strength without making the person feel negative about how you responded.