By: Shannon Crocker Oct 24, 2013

We are having a Halloween party for our pre-teens, who are a bit too old to trick or treat. How do we keep the snacks both fun and healthy?

Having a Halloween party for your older children? Here’s how to keep it healthy

There are a lot of fun things you can do when hosting a healthy Halloween party. As the parents throwing the party, you should first move away from thinking of food as the centre of the party. Instead, make it all about the kids getting together, playing fun games and even taking them outside to get active. Set up Halloween obstacle courses or plan a creepy scavenger hunt.

When it is time to eat, consider foods that are fun for them. An online search of healthy Halloween snacks will give you tons of ideas. Or, keep it simple with watermelon, popcorn sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, baked tortilla chips and fruit kebabs with yogurt dip. Kids gobble those snacks up, and watermelon is always the first to go. They don’t need junk food at the party – they get enough of that in other places. If you plan nutritious snacks, kids of any age will eat them!

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