Why men lose weight faster than women

By: Anna Sadra May 08, 2012

Why do men lose weight faster then most women?

Men normally have much faster metabolisms than women.

Losing weight is one of the single most important things that you can do for your health. While it's easy to set goals, it's often much harder to reach them. However, one thing that many people may notice – especially couples who are losing weight together – is that men often lose weight much faster than women do. It's not a conspiracy, it really does happen and in many cases men lose the same amount of weight in a matter of weeks that women will need months to lose. There are a few basic reasons that this occurs, and knowing them can help you see why men are more successful at weight loss than women.

One of the main reasons is simply our bodies and the way that they work. Men are actually genetically predisposed to have more muscle and less fat than women. Not only that, but men normally have much faster metabolisms than women, often by as much as five to ten percent higher. This means that it's much easier for their bodies to burn through fat and calories and convert them to energy while women have to monitor their food intake and their exercise regimens much more closely. It isn't fair by any means, but it's just the way that nature designed us.

Other factors aren't as obvious. In many surveys, it's been found that men often eat less carbohydrates and more meats or proteins than women, who tend to prefer carb based foods. Carbs contribute to weight gain far more than proteins. And in many cases men actually participate in physical activities more frequently than women. This doesn't necessarily mean that they play sports more often – although they may – but that even in daily routines like yard work, home improvement, and more they just tend to be a bit more active than women.

Men usually work out differently than women as well. While women seem to focus mainly on running, biking, and other cardiovascular routines, men alternate between cardio workouts and weight training. When you only focus on cardio you're more likely to reach a level of weight loss that you can't pass. But with weight training mixed into the program you'll find that your body loses weight more effectively. It's a small consideration to make and not valid in all cases, but one that you'll want to consider when you're trying to lose weight if you're a woman.

It isn't hard to see the results of these factors. Today there are actually more obese women than men – by a margin of around seven percent. And the number is growing significantly. Luckily, just a couple of things can help you get the real results from your weight loss that you're looking for and women actually have some advantages here. For one, despite the recent equalization of men and women in the workforce the majority of homes still find the woman in charge of meal preparation. If this occurs in your home, take charge of your meals and design them with healthy eating in mind.

Also try to eat at least one third of your daily calories before lunch so that you have ample time to work them off during the day. Just adding in a few simple activities each day can help you catch up with a man in weight loss. And since women actually gain most of their weight in their hips while men gain it in their midsections, those who do have weight to lose will find that it's easier to do so from the hips. When it comes to losing weight, not all of us are created equal. But it's still very possible to get healthy with the right kind of effort.

Anna Sadra is a Registered Massage Therapist, Laser technician and Medical Esthetician with over 12 years of experience in the wellness industry. Anna enjoys being able to use her extensive knowledge to really help her clients achieve the results they are searching for. She enjoys spending time with family, friends and learning more about health, skin care & fitness. http://www.anna-spa.ca/