What's Athletes Foot?

By: Jagdeep Takhar, Chiropodist, Sep 07, 2012

What is Athletes Foot?

The name is suggestive considering that athletes foot is known to effect athletic peopole more than others.

A common Tinea fungal infection, Athletes foot is known to commonly inflict the feet or more specifically the web space between the toes. The name is suggestive considering that athletes foot is known to effect sports persons more than others and while the symptoms may be irritating this fungal infection is not serious or life threatening. One of the simplest disease conditions to diagnose, this fungal infection is invariably accompanied by symptoms like itching and redness, through to cracking of the skin between the toes.

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The Foot Clinic Brampton - J. K. Takhar, Jagdeep completed her Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto in Human Anatomy and Biology. She then proceeded to complete a graduate program in chiropody at the Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences.

Jagdeep is a Chiropodist licensed by the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. In addition, she is a member of the Ontario Society of Chiropodists (OSC) and Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine (CFPM). Her participation in these organizations has allowed her to expand her chiropodial/podiatric medicine knowledge through continuing education courses and forming community partnerships with health professionals. 

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