How to keep going when the going gets tough

By: Joel Simms, Jan 13, 2013

How can I stay positive when life get's tough?

Tap into these support resources and you up the likelihood of succeeding in your initiatives.

Keeping an initiative going is difficult in and of itself. When things get rough, and we all know that they do, a good support system is vital to maintaining momentum. What kind of support do you call upon to help you through thick and thin? Here are some ideas for you to consider:

1. Start at home. Discuss your important initiatives with your partner and encourage them to encourage you.

2. Share your goals with close friends and family. Consider talking about your goals and plans with others who care about you. Ask them to be supportive, to hold you accountable to your goals, and to reinforce your progress.

3. Participate with like-minded people. Join a support group to discuss progress, challenges and strategies for staying with your initiatives.

4. Keep a record of your progress. Use a journal or the MoPad Tool to note your thoughts, feelings and accomplishments. Regular journaling is a powerful motivator.

5. Use Maintain Momentum. The support tools and services of the website were created to help you stay the course. Login to the member site, familiarize yourself, and use them to support you in your desire to move upward and forward.

Tap into these support resources and you up the likelihood of succeeding in your initiatives.

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