What you need to know about your contacts!

By: Dr. Shairoz Jessa Feb 23, 2013

I wear my contact lenses for more than 12 hours a day, am I damaging my eyes?

Important information you should know if you wear contacts.

Can I wear contacts if I have astigmatism in my eyes?
Yes, most people with astigmatism can wear contact lenses. It depends on the amount of astigmatism you have and the curvature of your eye. It is extremely important that you are fit with contact lenses by a trained professional such as an optometrist. This ensures you have the best vision and comfort with your lenses and protects the integrity of the surface of your eyes.

I wear my contact lenses for more than 12hours a day, am I damaging my eyes?
Contact lens over wear is a very common problem. It is a good idea to give your eyes a break from your lenses in order to reduce the risk of infections and discomfort. In order to determine if you are suffering from signs of contact lens over wear it is important that you have routine eye exams with an optometrist.

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