What you need to know about chelation therapy

By: Dr. Margret Holland Mar 08, 2013

What is chelation therapy?

IV chelation therapy is of great value in the treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Chelation refers to the use of various compounds and/or herbs to bind to excess minerals in the body. IV chelation therapy very specifically involves the use of an intravenous drip of a chelating agent to assist in removing toxic minerals that may be present in concentrations that are hazardous to your health and well being.

Chelation and Cardiovascular Disease
IV chelation therapy is of great value in the treatment of cardiovascular disease. It has been suggested that in the process of decreasing dangerously high concentrations of certain minerals, chelation therapy may improve blood flow to the various tissues and organs of the body. Impaired blood vessel health is of great concern in diseases such as: arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and angina. In fact any disease that is the result of impaired blood flow to tissues may be benefited by chelation therapy.

Calcium and iron are minerals that we all associate with health; rarely do we consider that they may cause disease. However, both of these minerals have been implicated in the formation of plaques in blood vessels. Plaque decreases blood vessel elasticity and also decreases the internal diameter of a blood vessel. As a result, plaque has a direct negative impact on blood flow. This means that tissues may become “starved” for nutrients and become diseased from improper metabolism of certain forms of calcium and iron.

Note that chelation therapy will not deplete your body of the form of calcium that your body uses to build bones and teeth. This beneficial form of calcium is bound to proteins in the blood and so will not be attracted to the chelating agent.

Chelation and Heavy Metal Toxicity
Our bodies are able to function because of numerous chemical reactions. When these reactions are blocked due to inappropriate concentrations of certain chemicals and/or minerals, these chemical reactions cannot occur. Initially, this presents as a generalized discomfort but, if left untreated, over time may well express as frank disease.

For example, the heavy metal mercury can result in the following symptoms: tremors, headaches, loss of peripheral vision, birth defects, muscle weakness, loss of memory and kidney damage to name a few. We are exposed to mercury on an almost daily basis. It may be present in the fillings of your teeth, vaccines, cosmetics and seafood. Other heavy metals that can have a profound effect on cognitive function are lead and aluminum. There are different forms of chelating agents that can be used to address these and other forms of metal toxicity.

Why would I undergo IV Chelation therapy?
In most cases, diseases development is a slow process. The body is unbelievably well designed. It is able to compensate for potential threats to health by slowly changing organ function. In short, it adapts to insults. These insults might include: poor nutrition, long term stress, lack of sleep etc. This adaptation process means that you may not even be aware you have a problem until it has devolved to such a point that the body can no longer compensate. At this point you are diagnosed with a disease. Often the disease appears to have come out of nowhere, but this is simply not the case. The disease state was initiated several months to years in the past and the warning signs were ignored.

In some cases, time is of the essence. The disease may be so far advanced that your life may be at risk due to complications. IV chelation is an extremely effective and fast-acting method for treating advanced disease and yet is safe enough to be used preventatively as well.

Dr. Margret Holland is a well known naturopath in Burnaby.  Her certifications beyond naturopathy include: intravenous therapies, chelation, acupuncture and pharmaceutical prescriptive authority.  She is always warm and welcoming to new and existing patients. Dr. Holland has a special interest in treating chronic pain in patients, with her expertise and knowledge this includes patients who have been in motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, scoliosis and physical complaints of the elderly.