By: Leslie Tempest, BScPT , Jul 01, 2014
Neuroplasticity and pain | ProActive Rehab & Sport Injury Centre

What therapies are available to treat my chronic pain?

Stopping the cycle of pain

We now know that our brains have the ability to learn and change throughout our lives. This characteristic of the brain is referred to as neuroplasticity.

This neuroplasticity also allows our brain to learn to feel pain even when the painful stimulus is no longer present. When we experience pain for an extended period of time our brains may ‘learn’ to expect this pain to be present even though the original cause of the pain has been removed. As a result our acute or short-term pain turns into chronic or long-term pain.

 The good news is that just as our brain can learn to expect pain in a certain area even when there is no painful stimulus present it can also learn to not expect that pain to occur.

There is a very strong relationship between physical pain and mood or emotional states. The relationship between pain and emotion provides an opportunity to interrupt this pain cycle by addressing the emotional energy component of the pain cycle.

Somatoemotional Release (SER), an advanced Cranial Sacral approach, is a treatment approach that works with patients to help interrupt the repeating cycle of pain and unlearn the chronic pain response, often improving mood and increasing general energy levels at the same time.

Leslie is a registered physiotherapist. A graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy, she has practiced in a variety of fields and locations including a 3 year stint in England. Her experience is varied but has primarily focused in an out-patient environment and in private practice since 1996. Over the years Leslie has completed many post-graduate training courses.

Her main interests are in biomechanics, manual therapy and preventative education. She also enjoys working with dancers and athletes to overcome injury and develop improved training programs for strength development and injury prevention. Lisa is fully trained in the McKenzie method of mechanical diagnosis and therapy. She is the owner/operator of ProActive Rehab & Sport Injury Centre!