By: Dr. Imran Ansari, HD, DNM Feb 09, 2015

What is Oligotherapy?

Catalysts that speed up metabolism

Oligotherapy uses individual trace minerals for therapeutic support, supplementing the necessary minerals for enzymatic functions.  Oligotherapy remedies are considered as catalysts that speed up metabolism at the cellular level.  Oligotherapy remedies also provide essential nutrition to stop free radical activity which destroy body tissue.

Oligotherapy supplementation in believed to enhance the movement of ions, essential for life, into and out of the cell.  They work by optimizing the ionic channels on the surface of cells allowing flow to occur.

The origins of Oligotherapy come from the research done by Bertrand at the Pasture Institute and subsequently continued by Jacques Menetrier, M.D. in 1944.

Dr. Imran Ansari is a Homeopathic Doctor, Certified First Line Therapy Practitioner Canada and a Register Acupuncture Practitioner. His sub-specialties included internal medicine, clinical pathology, cardiology, general surgery, orthopedics and neurosurgery. Interestingly, while in family practice he continued with the Pakistan Medical Council where a team of medical doctors trains other medical doctors.

Dr. Imran is passionate about Clinical Nutrition and as a Certified First Line Therapy, functional medicine practitioner he addresses all chronic illnesses and is well known for helping people to successfully lose weight. He and his wife have been practicing since 1995. He is much appreciated for bringing his experience of balancing mainstream medicine practices with naturopathic approaches. You can visit Dr. Imran at Inaaya Wellness Centre in Scarborough, Ontario.