Using Block Therapy To Help With Constipation

By: Joanne Holt - Block Therapy Specialist Sep 20, 2015
Using Block Therapy To Help With Constipation, JMH Wellness

Here's another way to improve your digestive issues!

In order to digest properly, the stomach organ needs to be healthy. For the stomach organ to be healthy, it needs to receive the optimal amount of blood and oxygen flow to support its function. 

Unfortunately, the majority of people haven’t paid attention to posture and correct breathing causing a collapse of the rib cage into the core. The result is the stomach is being compressed which limits blood and oxygen flow. This collapse not only compresses the stomach organ but also inhibiting proper diaphragmatic breathing. The reason this affects the stomach organ is that the stomach is situated to the left of the abdomen, right below the diaphragm muscle. 

When we breathe properly, the stomach receives a continual massage from the mechanical movement created from inhaling and exhaling. This massage effect brings heat and blood flow to the area. When we breathe from the muscles of the upper chest, there is a cooling down of tissue temperature from the lack of mechanical movement that would have otherwise been a constant with the conscious breath. In essence, we freeze in the area and flow to and from cells is sluggish. The connective tissue or fascia, will glue or seal together with an incredible force, making it almost impossible to regain that space that was lost over years of collapse. 

Using the block in the diaphragm area, in general, can greatly help chronic constipation issues but we specifically have 2 placements that I use in class that can really help my participants out. The block is placed on the side waist between the hip bone and the lower ribs where we create space and can really rock the body into the position as we melt through the frozen tissue. The other position I use is I have my participants lie face down on the mat with the block on the side of the belly button and this again creates space between the lower ribs and the hip bone. It is such nice work that lengthens out the whole ribcage and along with the breath can become a very relaxing placement for the block. 

This work can all be done at home and the blocks can be shipped anywhere and along with the DVD series created by an athletic therapist can really change the shape of your waistline with continued use and be a huge help to anyone suffering with digestive issues.

Joanne is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Resistance and Active Older Adult Exercise Instructor, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist and a Certified Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy Instructor at JMH Wellness Centre in Winnipeg, MB

Joanne applies her extensive knowledge and experience toward helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and improved quality of life. As a personal trainer, it is Joanne's mission to share her enthusiasm, experience and motivation towards health and fitness goals that can help her clients live their lives the fullest.

Adding Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy to her repertoire of specialties has given her a great understanding of proper diaphragmatic breathing and she is looking forward to adding the practice to the health and fitness regimes of her clients.  Joanne Holt says, "Fluid Isometrics Block Therapy has completed the package of what I was missing and so much about that was the proper diaphragmatic breath, which is now such a huge part of my daily life. There is so much enjoyment about teaching this work to others and watching the changes that take place in flexibility, range of motion and even strength."

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