Botox versus Laser Treatments

By: Dr. John Curry Oct 28, 2015
Laser Treatments, Botox

How do I chose between the two?

Not too many years ago, cosmetic treatments consisted of a face lift. Treatments were expensive, and the client had a lot of downtime waiting for the skin to heal. At that time it was very easy to decide on which treatment and whether the treatment was necessary.

However, as cosmetic technology evolved; it has become more difficult and confusing deciding what is best for one’s own situation. It’s like reviewing an extensive restaurant menu for the first time; just too many options! In both these cases, a little knowledge could make your selection much easier.

Most of us already know that the Botox-like treatment relaxes active, strong muscles of the face to reduce frown lines that make us appear mad, worried, or tired. Botox-like treatments seem to be the answer. So, the question is, why would anyone need a laser treatment? Especially when we perceive that a laser treatment is more expensive, and there is a lot of downtime post-treatment.

The expectation that the laser treatment is more expensive and has a longer healing time than a Botox treatment is a myth. Most laser treatments cost less than Botox over a year of treatments and the healing time of the skin can be less than that of a Botox treatment.

Actually, Botox and laser treatments are two parts of team that help our skin look as young as we feel. Think of a steering wheel and tires of a car; both are different parts of a car but they both get us to where we want to go. The two parts together are more effective than one without the other.

A Botox-like treatment can temporarily stave off further skin damage; a laser treatment is capable of reversing skin damage and can rid the skin of the fine lines and spots caused by too much sun and the environment. Botox is a preventative and the laser treatment, on the other hand, actually rejuvenates the skin; the skin increases in elasticity and tone, and the pigmentation becomes more even.

The team of these treatments together, Botox and lasers, are real winners. Making the skin instantly look more vital and youthful and, remaining that way for a longer period of time.

Dr. John Curry is the Medical Director of BEAUTI-MED Laser Skin Care Centreand he understands how deeply problem skin can affect our well-being. During his general and surgical practice, he consulted time and again with patients requesting treatment that would effectively rejuvenate and correct skin – without the cost and recovery time of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. John Curry, MRCS, LRCP, DRCOG, has received extensive training and has performed major and cosmetic surgery for over 25 years. His memberships and qualifications includes The Royal College of Surgeons, The International Society of Cosmetic and Laser Surgeons and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.