By: Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk Mar 25, 2015

The seasons of emotions

I am always on the fence this time of year of whether (no pun intended) or not my feelings toward this time of year are good or bad. My emotions are mixed. I am sure most people will agree that getting up in the darkness of morning and watching as we lose light minute by minute and then hour by hour nearing the end of the day can be depressing. The cold, and here in Vancouver, the dampness and rain is often a lot to contend with. On average we tend to not get as much sun this time of year and some folks struggle immensely with that. On the other hand, I often can feel a sense of security and calmness this time of year as Mother Nature safely engulfs us up in her protective layer of cool and dark in an effort to slow us down and to present an opportunity for inner self reflection and rest. The ambivalence I am feeling and experiencing is normal. Holding both, experiencing both, feeling both. This is the grey in life and how life often presents opportunities for us… and I now go off to make myself some more hot tea and to continue my inner self reflection on this fall day…

Sheri, owner of Sheri Phillips-Snaychuk Counselling Services in Vancouver, BC has been helping people in the field for over ten years working in a multitude of capacities from individual counselling, research, assessment, and foster care support. Her passion, experience, and expertise focuses mainly around trauma, suicide, and depression, however, she has helped people with other or similar issues.
Sheri deeply believes, and is committed to, the healing ability of people and that people can overcome great pain and suffering through one’s own strength and through dedication in relations with other people and within the therapeutic relationship.

She is highly regarded for her compassion, care, curiosity, non-judgmental stance, insight, dedication, and patience among her clients.

Sheri's goal is to help clients to reconnect with themselves and to come to a deeper understanding and way of being in the world. Pain and suffering can be transformed by developing a different way of being with one’s self that is nurturing and caring.