Overcome your Fear Of Flying

By: Better Health Clinic Jun 07, 2017
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Is your fear of flying impacting your travel?

The National Guild of Hypnotist reports a marked rise in the number of people seeking help to address their travel anxiety. Dr. Dwight Damon, President of the Guild, notes that recent air travel incidents have caused, rekindled, or escalated fear and anxiety for many. Dr Damon says, “Millions of people deal with the fear of flying or similar anxieties, with some studies indicating that as many as 40% of the population struggles with varying degrees of apprehension about air travel. Consulting hypnotists, professionals who are credentialed members of the National Guild of Hypnotists, are successfully helping many people manage or resolve these apprehensions and fears.”

Fear of flying can leave people unable to travel for business, pleasure, and family commitments. Even those who force themselves to fly can experience such significant levels of stress and anxiety that will impact their performance at the business meeting or their enjoyment of the vacation.

Fear of flying goes beyond concerns about the plane’s safety, the pilot’s capability or inclement weather issues. The check in process, going through security checkpoints, dealing with extra fees for luggage and simply being one of the stressed out travelers all contribute to a potential disaster if a traveler isn’t ready to manage his or her stress.

For help with your unease regarding air travel or any other issue, call our clinic for a free consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you.

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