Why Fresh cut Microgreens are Better!

By: UgroGreens, Mar 09, 2018
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Always go for the fresh, never packaged!

Why Fresh cut Microgreens are Better than Packaged Microgreens in the Store: 

In order to reap the total health benefits of microgreens, you should eat them immediately after you harvest them. These little greens lose their nutritional value rapidly after harvest.  That is why we encourage growing microgreens in your homes. It is so simple to grow and harvest within 10-14 days and will allow the health benefits to remain high. Once the microgreens are grown and ready you have up to 2 weeks to harvest as needed. 

Packaged microgreens seen in stores have already lost much of there nutritional value, as they rapidly diminishing hourly.  So even though they look healthy they will not have near the nutrient value as fresh cut home grown microgreens.

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