Why Transparency is Important in Home Care Services?

By: Living Assistance Services, Jul 31, 2019
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Transparency and Accountability in Homecare

A 2012 report by the Health Council of Canada on senior home care reported that 93 percent of seniors in Canada live at home and want to stay there as long as possible. The report also highlighted the importance of excellent home care, which is something we pride ourselves on providing for our clients.

Transparency and Accountability – Our Promise to You

When choosing a home care agency, trust is key. When you pay for home care services, you are inviting a home care provider into the home to care for your vulnerable loved one and trusting them around their valuable assets. We understand the magnitude of the responsibility you’re entrusting us with and to honour that we take every step to ensure transparency and accountability—something we pride ourselves on.

Many home health care agencies and assisted living companies hide their principals from their clients. A fancy website and creating the illusion of a great image can be very appealing, but also misleading.  Living Assistance Services does not hide our principals. We put it all out there for our client to see.

We encourage open and honest communication with our clients. Some of the ways in which we do this is by posting the names, business addresses, and other pertinent information about our directors on our website so you can reach them directly with any questions or concerns. We also make communication with us very easy.  We are available 24 hours each day, so you can reach us day or night.

How We Help You Protect Your Loved Ones

Along with offering flexible and affordable quality home care services to suit your aging loved one’s ever-changing needs, Living Assistance Services also help you protect your loved one by:

  • Hiring only qualified and experienced caregivers who possess a college Personal Support Worker certificate or equivalent.
  • Conducting extensive background and reference checks and thoroughly screening all of our candidates to ensure we only hire trustworthy, competent, and personal caregivers.
  • Continuously monitoring our caregivers to stay on top of any issues that may arise and deal with them immediately.
  • Having liability and honesty insurance for our caregivers to protect the care recipient and their family. Our insurance certificate is readily available to clients.
  • Having caregivers who are fully insured and covered under the Worker’s Compensation Board, with a copy of the Workers Compensation Clearance Certificate available to you as proof of coverage.
  • Encouraging the recipient of our home care services to choose their own caregiver to ensure the best possible match and comfort level.

There should be no secrets or guessing when it comes to entrusting the care of your loved one to a home health care agency.

Living Assistance Services

Living Assistance Services offers a team of personal caregivers (PSW’S) to provide home health care, elder care, palliative care and chronic disease care all over southern Ontario.

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We provide safe, trusted, compassionate senior home care where seniors want to be as they grow older–happily at home. Many home care services are available, including health/care assessments, personal care, meal prep, housekeeping and laundry, chronic disease care (Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, Parkinson’s) and palliative care.

For advice about seniors and care at home, please kindly contact Brian Porter, Director, and Owner of Living Assistance Services (LAS), at 416.483.0070 (office), 905.758.2486 (cell) or b.porter@laservices.ca and visit www.laservices.ca

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