What is Dry Eye?

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Dry is a chronic condition that affects 1 out of 3 adults in North America.

Your tears consist of 3 layers:

  • Mucus layer: It is the innermost and thinnest part of the tear film. It consists of mucin secreted by goblet cells and glands of Manz. It converts the hydrophobic corneal surface into a hydrophilic one which allows for the aqueous layer to adhere to the cornea.
  • Aqueous layer: It makes up the middle layer, and makes for the bulk of tear film. It is secreted by the main and accessory lacrimal glands. The tears mainly comprise of water and small quantities of solutes such as sodium chloride, sugar, urea, and proteins. It also contains antibacterial substances like lysozyme, beta-lysin, and lactoferrin. These solutes are what create a basic pH and salty taste.
  • Lipid or oily layer: It is the outermost layer of tear film formed by the secretions of Meibomian. This layer prevents the overflow of tears and slows their evaporation of tears. It helps to lubricate the eyelids as they slide over the surface of the cornea

Not Sure If You Have Dry Eye? Click Here to Take the Quiz!

The function of the tear film:

  • Keeps the cornea and conjunctiva moist
  • Provides oxygen to the corneal epithelium.
  • Washes away debris and irritants.
  • Allows for clear vision
  • Prevents infection due to the presence of antibacterial substances

Symptoms of dry eye can be mild to moderate or severe. General dry eye symptoms include sporadic watery eyes, intermittent blurry vision that clears with blinking the eyes, and/ or contact lens discomfort. Even light sensitivity in indoor lighting or moderate settings can be a symptom. These symptoms can progress to chronic red, burning, itchy, eyes with severe pain and discomfort that it starts to interfere with daily life routines and activities of daily living. When left untreated can lead to extreme outcomes like scarring of the meibomian (oil) glands, cornea, and or the surrounding tissue.

What could be the effects if not treated?

Timing and intervention are important. The delay of treatment, or lack of compliance in treatment and management, makes the dry eye nature more complex with time. Dry eye is multifactorial. Attempting to only fix a part of the problem, or having a bandaid fix, breaks down the treatment plan and reduces your overall outcome and success.

 Lipid Layer of Tear Film

Dry Eye Assessment

If you feel that you may be suffering from dry eye, you have come to the right office. Have you tried drops that just don’t seem to work? Are you interested in learning about the management of dry eyes? Every comprehensive eye examination at Our office with Optometrists Dr. Pink Sidhu & Associates included a dry eye assessment of the ocular tear film surface. Based on the results of a corneal assessment, a treatment plan can be outlined for you. We truly believe that the treatment plans that are created are as unique as the individuals that they are created for. See our dry eye clinic page for more details.

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