What is FACEFIT?

By: Concord Wellness, Sep 05, 2019
Everyone strives to have young and glowing face.

Everyone strives to have young and glowing face.

During the time our skin starts losing flexibility, facial wrinkles and mimic lines appear. Facial muscles loose tonus, become weaker, capillaries become thinner and more fragile. Skin is no longer glowing and fresh. The skin is negatively affected by stress, pollution, bad nutrition and lifestyle choices. Currently, there are multiple methods to renew and enhance your skin – vitamin injections, botox, implants, facelifts, cosmetic surgery. All those treatments require quite an investment even though most may have serious side effects.

FACEFIT – is an alternative to these invasive methods and is unique in its technique and application. It combines Swedish therapeutic, plastic vibration massage, traditional Chinese and Spanish massages, has elements of  Shiatsu and sculpting techniques.

Massage is specifically built along vertical facial lines, completely excluding horizontal stretching that is damaging to tender facial skin. It is a unique organic massage treatment that tones facial muscles and skin. Combination of plastic vibration and pressure point techniques improve blood circulation and metabolism, restoring circulation in previously clogged capillaries, it also stimulates facial muscles. Without any physical efforts, your facial muscles get an intensive workout that results in their toning and strengthening.

Typical FACEFIT results include:

  • Smoother tighter skin, wrinkles are visibly reduced
  • The disappearance of facial stretch marks and sagging skin
  • Facial oval deformities caused by local fatty tissue storage are diminished
  • Skin is visibly tighter and radiant
  • Distinct rejuvenating effect is noticeable after few treatments

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