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Category: Healthy Mind

Mar 27
Stuck in Life!

With all of your past conditioning and the pressure to conform to today's ideal of…

Mar 19
What’s Holding You Back?

Persona Therapy is designed to help you explore painful problems in your life by…

Mar 17
Journaling Options for Young Children

One thing all children love is the ability to have some place to hide what is special…

Mar 10
The Challenge Of Harmful Unhealthy People

If there was it would disillusion and challenge their entire notion of them believing…

Mar 02
When it’s Okay to be Self-Centred

Approval seeking is an exhausting pursuit and leads to disconnection from self,…

Feb 14
Value Your Life

Having a happy relationship, rewarding career, enjoyable friendships, financial…

Feb 09
How we are wired, determines how we are. And we can rewire!

If you are a leader at work, your sentences and gestures are noticed and interpreted,…

Feb 04
10 Ways to Lead and Succeed

An effective leader will listen and help the team respect each other and work together…

Feb 04
About Regression Hypnosis

Is Regression Hypnosis Safe?

Jan 28
The Missing Wellness Link

The most common barriers to adopting healthier behaviours are lack of willpower, lack…