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How does an ultrasound machine work?

An ultrasound machine is a piece of equipment that produces sound waves emitted by a probe also k... Read More.

Benefits of Standing vs. Sitting at Work

There was a time, perhaps not too long ago in some workplaces, that the environment was much more... Read More.

What is involved with getting fitted for foot orthotics?

First you should see your Doctor in case there is an underlying medical issue that may be causing... Read More.

How does an x-ray machine work?

An x-ray machine is a piece of equipment that produces ionizing radiation. When ionizing radiati... Read More.

The guide to Scheurmann’s Disease.

The section of spine from below the neck to the bottom of the rib cage is called the thoracic spi... Read More.

10 Tips to Let Go of Guilt

In fact, research shows that when guilt gets out of control it can be felt so strongly that you n... Read More.

Nervous About Trapped Nerves? Find the Cause of Your Pain

Has anything ever gotten on your nerves? A situation, a person, an event…someone or something th... Read More.

Jul 10, 2017

CoolSculpting: Great for Men!

One of the most innovative advances in the realm of cosmetic surgery is a highly-popular procedur... Read More.

Being Active with Pain – Being Smart About It

In our busy society, we do not take time to care for ourselves as much as we should with things l... Read More.

How to look after your feet in the heat!

Summer is here which means walking around barefoot or in sandals. Those of us who like to spend o... Read More.

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