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Aquatic Therapy: Then and Now

The professional field of aquatic therapy is still in its infancy, but the use of water for thera... Read More.

What are the top 5 foot problems that orthotics can alleviate?

Can orthotics help with flat feet? How? Yes they can help with “Flat Feet” by adding an artific... Read More.

Are there mobile diagnostic services?

Yes, StL Diagnostic Imaging provides both mobile x-ray and mobile ultrasound services. Read More.

Will orthotics help my 3 year old walk better?

That is pretty difficult to answer directly without knowing why he is tripping, does he have... Read More.

Pinched nerve in the neck? This is what you should do

Pain of any kind is never fun. A pain in the neck, unlike the common figure of speech for that ev... Read More.

How does an ultrasound machine work?

An ultrasound machine is a piece of equipment that produces sound waves emitted by a probe also k... Read More.

Benefits of Standing vs. Sitting at Work

There was a time, perhaps not too long ago in some workplaces, that the environment was much more... Read More.

What is involved with getting fitted for foot orthotics?

First you should see your Doctor in case there is an underlying medical issue that may be causing... Read More.

How does an x-ray machine work?

An x-ray machine is a piece of equipment that produces ionizing radiation. When ionizing radiati... Read More.

The guide to Scheurmann’s Disease.

The section of spine from below the neck to the bottom of the rib cage is called the thoracic spi... Read More.

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