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Concussion: What Your Brain Needs

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury induced by biomechanical forces, which can be cause... Read More.

Booking a RMT treatment

Q: Do you need to have an injury or a referral from physiotherapy to have a massage at ProActive... Read More.

3 Ways to Make Any Smoothie Anti-Inflammatory

I recently taught a cooking class on smoothies (I guess technically there was more 'blending' tha... Read More.

Releasing your spine for better organ health!

I have been a manual practitioner for 27 years. For the first fifteen years I was a Registered Ma... Read More.

What are bunions and how can I prevent in getting them?

I have a bunion, my mother has a bunion and her mother had a bunion....good news, you can do thin... Read More.

Does the food I eat effect my skin?

Clear skin is a topic that is close to my heart. For most of my late teenage years and throughout... Read More.

Self Talk and Self Love

Was it "I am looking so gorgeous today"? Or maybe "My legs look really great..." How about ... Read More.

Learn Hypnosis = Changing your life!

Certified Hypnotist Training Curriculum Do it right. When you are serious about becoming a hypno... Read More.

What are the top 5 causes of sore feet?

We have all had sore feet from time to time, but what are the most common issues that cause sore ... Read More.

My Back Hurts: Could it be my Pelvic Floor?

Many people spend thousands of dollars on physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment for low back p... Read More.

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