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Surprise Picky Eaters With Foods They Hate To Love

Children of all ages (and some adults, too) can be picky eaters. Ensuring they eat a healthy vari... Read More.

Cardinal Points Clinic Re-Opened

The Ministry of Health has lifted restrictions placed back in March. We are happy to announce tha... Read More.

Belly Breathing For Anxiety and Stress

Belly breathing is an easy way to reduce anxiety and calm the body and mind. It engages the diaph... Read More.

Hypnosis for Pain Management

Yes, Clinical Hypnosis can help with pain management. The brain is the processor of all pain, rec... Read More.

Covid, Exercise & Common Sense.

As gyms are opening back up and people are anxious to get back to working out again, just remembe... Read More.

Bunions? How to Avoid Pain and Surgery

A bunion refers to a bump or enlarged thickening located on the large joint of your big toe. Buni... Read More.

Love a Proactive Routine

There are two ways of going through life, either you are proactive or reactive. When we live in a... Read More.

Is Spirituality a Good Foundation to Be A Well-rounded Person

In short, self awareness, positivity and knowledge seeking is most likely the best practice for b... Read More.

Massage Therapy Services Now Offered Again

The clinic at ProActive Rehab has been open for in-person physiotherapy appointments for nearly a... Read More.

150 miles for Canada 150

A few months ago, Dr. Carter’s husband, Murray, came to me with the idea to run this ultra marath... Read More.

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