Sandra Daniels - Healer and Spirit Guide

Sandra Daniels - Healer/Body Coder/Emotional Healer

Linking with the Spirit World to bring you healing and spiritual guidance

Most of my life has been dedicated to science and the scientific method, though I always felt there was a Higher Power behind the wonders of the universe and our lives. Then my husband passed into spirit unexpectedly and, suddenly, just ‘thinking’ there was a spirit side to life was no longer enough. I HAD to know…and I had to find my husband.

So began my quest to understand the non-physical world. I read voraciously on all things spiritual including after-death communications, near-death experiences, mediumship, quantum physics, spiritual healing, past-life and life-between-lives regression therapy to name a few, and attended spiritual conferences.

Then I began to have experiences around my home; lights and electronics turning on, objects appearing in places I did not leave them, cool breezes over me when there was no explanation for such, and occasionally sensing a presence. Through exploring these events and meditating to ‘go inside’, I learned to connect with my deceased husband, and my Spirit Guides and even with Archangels (yes, they too, are real).

Once I began to link regularly with Spirit They began to point me towards other spiritual teachers to learn to various emotional healing methods, and to teach me directly the ways in which emotional baggage from past lives or our current life can detrimentally affect us. My passion comes from removing these blockages for clients to enable them to find fulfilment and meaning in their lives. I am also thrilled to teach others how to develop their own connections to their Guides and intuition.

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