Inbal Lichtbrown, R.TCMP

Inbal Lichtbrown, R.TCMP - Transformation Point Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Founder and operator of Transformation Point - a space for healing, recovery, renewal, and growth in downtown Toronto, I have been practicing and teaching holistic medicine since 2000, including traditional Chinese medicine, reflexology, reiki, therapeutic bodywork and a variety of physical, emotional and energetic modalities. My work focuses on the mental-emotional aspects of physical and circumstantial life challenges, helping people to reconnect with their most inner selves. My clients learn how to find their own strength, guidance, and peace, get back onto their healing path and experience life of happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. 

Based on the ancient philosophy of Taoism, Chinese medicine puts into practice all of the above, promoting physical, emotional and spiritual alignment. Integrating both cognitive and bodywork modalities in my work, I find cupping and guasha, two traditional practices not only in China but in many cultures, wonderful ways to support this multi-level healing process, as well as encourage the entire system to restore balance, rejuvenate and achieve a sense of peaceful harmony.

  Feb. 20, 2018

The Heart Of Cupping, Hands on Workshop

Learn the foundations of massage cupping with a focus on the mind-body connection. Learn how techniques of Chinese ...