Dr. Jessa Landmann, ND

Dr. Jessa Landmann is passionate about helping people living with cancer. From reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to guidance on eating a healthy, preventative diet, she can help at all stages of cancer. She is passionate about helping people living with cancer. From reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation to guidance on eating a healthy, preventative diet, she can help at all stages of cancer.

100% of Dr. Landmann's patients state that a major problem with the health care system is the gap in care once conventional therapy has come to a close. There is very little guidance on how someone can proactively fight the disease and prevent recurrence and even less support with helping them to recover from the intense side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Her practice focus is what is called integrative oncology, which is a field of medicine that focuses on the modern practice of medicine while acknowledging the wisdom of traditional healing.

She received the Bachelor of Science from the Univesity of Calgary and the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

How to contact me

http://www.drjessalandmann.com/ or email me info@drjessalandmann.com 

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