Janet Lovegrove - Health and Wellness Consultant

Janet Lovegrove - Health And Wellness Consultant in Burlington, ON

Janet Lovegrove Reg. Nurse, BScN, MSc, CPMHN(c)(ON) offers individual and group sessions for people who recognize that they need support, guidance, and practical advice for coping effectively with change in their own lives.  She specializes in helping people cope with many life challenges like stress, depression and/or anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, other related dementia (for persons learning to live with the illness and their care providers), chronic pain and illness.

Also, she is there to help people through grieving the loss of someone, help a person learning to live with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  Janet is there for her clients to teach them ways of getting out of a worrying habit, or the mind racing out of control.  

Contact Janet Today Phone: (905) 730-0441 or Email: lovegrove@bell.net 

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