Key of Life Senior Care

Senior Care and Home Care in Hamilton, ON

Key of Life Senior Care offers Home Care Services, in-home nursing, post-hospital care, home assistance, dementia care, palliative support, in-home health care and personal assistance in the Greater Hamilton, ON area. Owner Amanda Avery is a dedicated caregiver. She is available to carry out daily errands including meal preparation, behavioural management, grocery shopping, transportation to medical appointments and senior social clubs, and provide mobility to disabled seniors.

We are available simply to provide support and companionship to seniors who feel lonely, this is part of our senior care services.

We Know Home Care!

Amanda is providing care in hospitals, long term care facilities, retirement homes, personal homes and personalized home care.

Contact us at or call us 905 920 6888

  May 21, 2019

Top 6 Homecare Services

It would depend on the condition of the person. I would say the most important ones would be Advocacy, Companionship,...

  May 21, 2019

Behavioral Management for Senior Care

Behavioral management deals with many different behaviors, so it is also person centered in the approach.